AudioHammock Podcast #64 - Treefort Music Fest 2017 Preview

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Background photo credit: Peter Lovera for Treefort 2016

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Come to Boise!

Boise is a fantastic place to live (#12 in U.S. News 100 Best Places to Live in the USA), and the word is quickly spreading beyond the Pacific Northwest's borders. One of the reasons is due to the city's own music festival–Treefort Music Fest. Now in its sixth year, Treefort is a well-oiled machine of music, community outreach, and the showcase of global and local artists, talents, food, film, yoga, and brew.

At initial glance the Treefort 2017 lineup can be quite daunting. With over 400 bands and artists performing from March 22-26, there are numerous choices to make concerning who to see and where to be in downtown Boise. That's where AudioHammock comes in. On this episode of the podcast we delve deep into the music lineup and offer talented artists and bands we think are definitely worth your time. While we would love to be able to talk about each band in earnest it's not a possible task given the magnitude of the total list. What you will find are recommendations for indie, folk, rock, electronic, pop, punk, hip hop and more. As always your recommendations are welcome at and we hope to see you in Boise!

Mac Demarco

  • Friday - 11:30 @ EL Korah Shrine
  • Saturday - 8:30 @ Main Stage

Mac Demarco is a flag bearer for indie and slacker rock. An aloof invidiual known for his unique sound involving a signal processor that results in warbly guitar tone and easy listening yet sensitive vocals, Mac's two shows will be packed to the brim and rightfully so. While AudioHammock staff argues on a regular basis which album is his best the end result is that they are all supremely enjoyable. His latest, This Old Dog is due out in May, catch "My Old Man" below.

Angel Olsen

  • Sunday - 8:30 @ Main Stage

A singer songwriter who commands your attention, Angel Olsen comes to Boise via Jagjaguwar records and is a huge addition to any festival lineup. With an emerging folk scene in Boise, Angel is the perfect headliner to close out Sunday evening. With her excellent 2016 release My Woman, Olsen has risen to the top of the indie folk genre and rightfully so. Listening to Angel leaves one with a strong impression and a lasting memory that remains for days upon years as she captures the social anxieties, pressures, and struggles of life that come with being a woman in an insightful way. With lyrics that force deep thought and contemplation, you might not head bang Sunday evening at the main stage but you'll certainly walk away with an introspective look at the things going on in your life.

Angel Olsen perforing at Pickathon Music Festival in 2014


  • Saturday - 11:45 @ Reef

Hip hop fans were spoiled by fantastic performances by Aesop Rock and Oddisee at Treefort 2016. Where's the top tier hip hop this year you ask? Well it's at Reef Saturday night. Head to Soundcloud and check out Sol's 2016 album The Headspace Traveler and catch up on one of the best hip hop albums of last year you might have missed. Seattle represent!


  • Sunday - 11:15 @ EL Korah Shrine

Let's dance! Portland natives STRFKR are an eclectic mix of indie rock, pop, electronic, and psychedlia. While playing late Sunday evening might deter those that have to return to the working world Monday morning, use this to your advantage and go! EL Korah shrine is one of the best venues in Boise and the floorboards will be shaking the whole set.

STRFKR's latest 2016 album Being No One, Going Nowhere is a frequent spin at the AH office.


  • Wednesday - 11:30 @ Boise All-Ages Movement Project

One of the best bands emerging out of the United Kingdom returns to Treefort. Happyness is the trio of three very happy go lucky dudes: Jonny Allan, Benji Compston, and Ash Cooper. The band's first LP Weird Little Birthday (AH review) is somewhat of a cult classic amongst AH staffers. With Randy Newman inspired indie piano tracks, ringing guitars, and the band mates abilities to all swap instruments for different songs, Happyness is not a band to miss. On the cusp of a new album due out this April (AH had the priviliege of hearing it, can confirm 10/10 amazeballs), called Write-In, you'll enjoy all this band has to offer in a live environment. In a few years when publications like Pitchfork and Stereogum are telling the world how great Happyness is (it might even be next month), you'll have the elder statesmen prviliege of telling your hipster friends you saw these guys in Boise before the world even knew what hit them.

Audiohammock recently interviewed Happyness! Stay tuned for our next episode for more on the band, their new album, and hilarious stories from the road.

Happyness at the Linen Building during Treefort 2015

The Three Headed Dragon of Synthwave - GosT, Magic Sword, Carpenter Brut

    Wednesday night - @ EL Korah Shrine
    • 9:00 - GosT
    • 10:00 - Magic Sword
    • 11:15 - Carpetner Brut

    Magic Sword has been a mainstay at Treefort for several years now with their amazing light shows, energetic crowds, and not for the faint of heart orcehstral synthwave electronic that pounds the sound system and the immediate two blocks of buildings within the vacninity. Somewhere along the lines of festival planning this year someone stood up in a conference room and said "HEY, WE NEED MORE OF THIS" and whoever that person is, you sir or madam deserve a high-five and a fat pay raise. Joined by contemporaries GosT (Texas), and Carpenter Brut (France), Magic Sword's genre has been given it's own evening and we dont know if the EL Korah shrine will be able to contain the madness. Leave the kids at home, come down to EL Korah Shrine, and dance like a giraffe the night away.

    If you look closely at the Treefort schedule Magic Sword may or may not be playing another show, we're not privy to discuss this one however as we want to make sure we get good seats...

    Anna Tivel and Jeffrey Martin

    • Saturday - Basque Center
      • Anna Tivel - 6:00
      • Jeffrey Martin - 7:00

    With 5 days of revelry you can't go hard or heavy all weekend and sometimes you just need to sit, think about life, and listen to talented singer songwriters remind you of the trials and tribulations of the human condition in a resonating way. If this sounds up your alley then look no further than the Basque Center on Saturday evening. First up will be Anna Tivel, Portland native and lyric driven guitarist with a voice that rings through with vulnerability and truths about the world. Anna's 2016 album Heroes Waking Up is an excellent addition to any album collection and is available on Bandcamp for an easy $9. Directly after is Jeffrey Martin, another strong performer from Oregon with vocal offerings of reflection, remorse, and poignant optimism to remind you to stand upright through it all. Scope his track "The Middle" below and we'll see you at the Basque Center.


    • Saturday - 10:30 @ Boise All-Ages Movement Project

    An amazing collaboration between Eleanor Murray and GianLuca Bucci coming from Olympia, Cavegreen is a strong electronic pop duo with interesting percussion that imbues listeners with a longing for inclusion with nature. Smooth vocals provide an extra layer of soothing relaxation that will have you smiling for the entire duration of their set. Cave Green's latest album Vita Lucida has just been released this past February and brings currents of optimism for the upcoming spring season that is needed after such this harsh winter we've had. With piano, relaxing bass beats, xylophone, and percussive insutrments I can't even fathom, Cavegreen is feel great music about the world we love to explore and the headspace it puts us in. Fully recommended.


    • Saturday - 10:30 @ The Olympic

    Festival first world problems here folks. Two great bands playing at the same time, what do you do? Well you just have to pick one and give it your all. 10:30 at night on Saturday is a tough time slot, it's peak Treefort and The Olympic has an excellent offering: AAN. Another Portland band, AAN has chops as an experimental avant-garde rock band. Sporting two excellent past releases (Dada Distraction, 2016, and Amor Ad Nauseum, 2014), The Olympic is going to be rocking and cheap PBRs are going to be flowing. Wear your most esoteric band t-shirt and rock out into the late evening with one of the region's funnest bands. Scope them out from their 2013 KEXP set on Youtube.

    Skinny The Kid

    • Thursday - 5:00 @ Boise All-Ages Movement Project

    Friends of the podcast Skinny The Kid are performing at their first Treefort this year and we couldn't be happier. Nick, Ethan, Casey, and Seth hail from Moscow, Idaho and are bringing some seriously enjoyable rock to Ada county. Their latest album Igloo is available in it's entirety on Soundcloud so were compelled to command you to listen to it. Do it now and then watch the dudes cruise around in the music video for "Jerry Seinfeld" below.

    Dead Meadow

    • Sunday - 11:30 @ Neurolux

    The last rock band to play at the Neurolux during Treefort Fest this year also happens to be one of the best. Hailing from L.A., Dead Meadow is prychedelic rock that is sure to ignite a fire in even the most passive of rock fans. With slinking bass lines and guitars that echo for miles on end, you'll be grooving the night away in fine form if you make this band your weekend closer.

    Check out the podcast for our favorite Dead Meadow track.

    Ben Walden

    • Sunday - 2:30 @ Boise All-Ages Movement Project

    An upbeat guitar player with worldly influence, Ben Walden hails from Moscow, Idaho and is making the trip to Boise with fellow musician Nevada Sowle. Highly talented, these two are primed to play some originals and tracks off of Ben's excellent 2016 offering $6.66. Dig into that title track below and enjoy some sweet guitar and keys. You'd think this album would cost $6.66 but today only you can get it for $6 on Bandcamp!

    Sun Blood Stories

    • Friday - 10:00 @ Linen Building

    A sweet venue just west of the main stage, the Linen Building lands one of Boise's best local bands-Sun Blood Stories. These rockers are an amalgamation of psychedlic rock and spiritual journey and with a nice bar setup in the back you'll definitely want a cocktail in hand for this excellent set. Set to release their latest album It Runs Around The Room With Us next month, Sun Blood Stories is sure to blow the roof off the place with some amazing new tracks. Peep the first single "The Great Destroyer" below or check it out on the podcast.

    East Forest

    • Friday - 4:00 @ Linen Building

    Trevor Oswalt, better known as East Forest, is a captivating ambient, piano, and contemporary classical artist from Portland. Very exploratory, Trevor's music invokes feelings of strong emotion and rhetorical thoughtfulness in a world where we are battered by the constant pressures of society, social media, and political strife. Come to the Linen Building Friday and unwind with East Forest. For more on East Forest check out his amazing YouTube channel to discover what this creative artist is really all about.

    Transistor Send

    • Saturday - 10:00 @ Neurolux

    Another really enjoyable Boise group, Transistor Send are three-year Treefort veterans and their music consists of an excellent mix of ambient and noise pop with strong influences from genre legends like Boards of Canada. Upbeat at times, atmospheric at others, yet always textually secure and engaging, Transistor Send is a guaranteed good time at the Neurolux Saturday night. AudioHammock shoutout to Casey Cathey, love your work mate.

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