AudioHammock Podcast #68 - April Album Reviews

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Gorillaz - Humanz

Genre: Electronic Hip Hop
Released: April 28 on Parlophone

The first Gorilla album in 7 years, Humanz has a lot to offer Gorillaz fans with top notch production from Damon Albarn. With a ridiculous amount of features (in fact, there's only one song that doesn't have a feature) Humanz has enough summer jams to keep it playing on your stereo for quite some time. On repeat listens however, you'll find quite a bit of "fat" on the album that could've been cut. 26 tracks are here, but so are 7 interludes (6 + Intro) and you'll soon realize this is more of a Albarn production mix tape rather than on a full on Gorillaz album. Bottom line? A good album with some definite hits but we'd like a little bit more Gorillaz in our Gorillaz. Listen to the pod for more!

AudioHammock Score: 7.5

Mount Eerie - A Crow Looked At Me

Genre: Indie folk
Released: March 24 on P.W. Elverum & Sun

Without a doubt the most somber album that will come out this calendar year, A Crow Looked At Me is the story of Phil Elverum coping with the loss of his wife due to pancreatic cancer. There's no Shakespeare-esque analogies to gather from this album as it's about a man baring his soul to the world. It's songs about packages coming to the house with her name on it, tracks about driving down old logging roads with her ashes right next to you. The album features acoustic guitar and piano that hit you right in the feels. This album will swing and miss with many, but those who do identify with it will hold it dear.

AudioHammock Score: 8.4

Future Islands: The Far Field

Genre: Synth-pop
Released: April 7 on 4AD Records

We'll be blunt, The Far Field comes across as Singles part two as opposed to something entirely new and refreshing but that's okay because vocalist and frontman Sam Herring crushes it with his lyricism, songwriting, and vocals. Future Islands always seems on the cusp of being that tier 1 band that headlines festivals and while this album doesn't quite see them taking that giant leap forward, it's a solid offering on the trials and tribulations of love backed by that sweet synth-pop sound you know and love from the band.

AudioHammock Score: 7.9

The War on Drugs - "Thinking of a Place"

Released as a 12' single for Record Store Day, "Thinking of a Place" is a teaser for the next full War On Drugs album due out sometime this summer and boy does it deliver. Clocking in at 11 minutes, the track centers on lead singer Adam Granduciel doing exactly what the title implies by reflecting on a moment he had in the Dakotas alongside the Missouri river. On initial listen the track ends at the near five minute mark before embarking on a demonstrative instrumental ourburst that features piano, guitars, drums, and classic War on Drugs synth that screams summer road trip. You'll listen, you'll love, and you'll do it all over again.

AudioHammock Score: 9.5

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