AudioHammock Podcast #71 - 3 Great Albums You Might've Missed this Spring

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Eastern Souvenirs - Green Valleys

Genre: Electronic indie
Released: February 24, 2017 on Big Building Records
Eastern Souvenirs on Bandcamp

Eastern Souvenirs is the mastermind project of Brian Fisher. Seattle based, Brian has a knack for exotic percussion, atmospheric synthesizer playing, and decisively eastern influenced guitar picking. All of this comes together adeptly in Green Valleys, a 40 minute album that features the aforementioned instruments vibing with one another in what sounds like a natural ecosystem. Brian's vocals, relative to the season and easy on the ears, will have you daydreaming about laying next to rivers, walking through forests, and facing the sun.

With a gorgeous album cover and green/blue edition vinyl offering, Green Valleys is supremely enjoyable on both the ears and eyes.

AudioHammock Score: 8.4

Maggie Rogers - Now That The Light is Fading (EP)

Genre: Folktronic, Indie pop
Released: February 17, 2017 on Capitol Records
Maggie Rogers official website

Maggie Rogers is taking the world by storm and for good measure. Much like Eastern Souvenirs, Maggie's sonic textures will you to far off places and her voice is one that you won't forget anytime soon. With songs like "Alaska" and "Dog Years" paving the way, Now That The Light is Fading foreshadows for what many hope will be a full feature LP on the horizon. Most noted for impressing Pharrel with her demo of "Alaska" we're of the mindset that Maggie would've made it big regardless, all you have to do is listen to her music to see why.

AudioHammock Score: 8.2

Woods - Love is Love

Genre: Indie rock
Released: May, 2017 on Woodsist
Learn more about Woods on their official website

A staple of the indie rock genre for years now, Jeremy Earl's band has consistenly been puting out great music for over 10 years. In fact they have put out 9 albums since 2007. Love is Love shifts direction a bit in a turbulent political time and reminds that love should be the unifying theme as opposed to political disord. Still, the album boasts impressive insutrmental chops as Jeremy, Jarvis, Aaron, Chuck, and Kyle continue to explore their sound. Although Love is Love is shorter than a typical Woods offering (only 6 tracks), songs like "Spring is in the Air" and "Love is Love (Sun on Time)" will have you rocking out with Woods increasingly present and expanding psychedlia.

AudioHammock Score: 7.7

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