AudioHammock Podcast #72 - New Music From Around the Pacific Northwest

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In this episode of the podcast we visit numerous cities by ear to catch up with some of the best music local musicians have to offer. Join us as we feature music from Washington, Idaho, and Oregon in this special regional epsiode of the AudioHammock Podcast. All of these albums are also available on Spotify so after listening to the podcast check them out!

Chastity Belt - I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone

Genre: Indie rock
Released: June 2nd, 2017 on Hardly Art Records
Chastity Belt on Bandcamp

Now on their third full length LP, Seattle based rockers Chastity Belt boast a bit more mature songwriting to go along with their already stellar sound. I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone has beauty in the simplicity of it's structures as guiatrists Lydia Lund and Julia Shapiro offer multiple layers of tonality that can be linked to bands like Beachouse and Real Estate. Songs like "5 a.m." and "Different Now" use this bright canvas to explore the themes of growing up and finding yourself on the wrong side of the bed in the morning with more emotional depth than you would think the music capable of. Recommended.

AudioHammock Score: 8.5

Bart Budwig - Paint by Numbers Jesus

Genre: Folk
Released: April 1, 2017 via Self Release
Bart Budwig's official website

Quickly becoming a fan favorite around hot spots around the Pacific Northwest, the only thing more charming than Bart's quick wit and storytelling is his music. With Paint By Numbers Jesus Bart introduces a concept album aimed at Chrisianity's most endearing character. While what you may take may differ based on your religious belief, what cannot be denied is Bart's prowess as a singer and songwriter. Tracks like "Nebraska 2" and "The Middle" give the album a delicate and resonating balance between desolate folk and vibrant danceability. Always on tour, Bart is a nomadic gentleman in every sense of the term, discover his music today.

AudioHammock Score: 8.5

Nevada Sowle - The Great American

Genre: Indie rock
Released: May 5th, 2017 via self release
Learn more about Nevada on his Soundcloud or Facebook page

When I first met Nevada Sowle he pulled up in a minivan with a Wu-tang Clan sticker on it and I liked him immediately. Nevada's listening habits and influences are very diverse and that eclectic mix shows through beautifully in his album The Great American. With the aforementioned Bart Budwig on producing credits (as well as trumpet and other instrumental guest spots on the album), Nevada has also recruited a plethora of talented area musicians including fellow Mise bandmate Cooper Trail and companions from the band Skinny the Kid to surround himself with an all-star cast. The result is an album of Rock, Blues, Folk, and Indie. The album is so daring as to even open up with a drum solo, something that seems to be long forgotten in this musical era. When you're expecting a piano solo and get a trumpet solo, when a folk song turns into a rock song, you'll be scratching your head in amazement in the fluidity of it. While all the aforementioned genres are obviously related, combining them into one cohesive album such as Nevada has done is no easy task and the result is quite truthfully one of the best albums of the year.

AudioHammock Score: 8.8

Tispur - Sleepy Creature

Genre: Chamber folk, Fantasy
Released: April 25th, 2017 via self release
Find Tispur on Bandcamp

Boise boasts a vast and competitive folk scene and so a unique take on the genre is always appreciated. Enter Samwise Carlson, who has created Tispur, a dreamlike folk project with far reaching instrumentation and rhetorical articulation. Listening to Tispur is pure fantasy in the fanciest sense-you'll be transported to sunny fields, enchanted forests, and sweeping streams of cool water. A personal favorite of mine when I need to wind down on worknights, Sleepy Creature will instill exactly the album title upon you on initial and repeat listens of the calmest kind.

AudioHammock Score: 8.5

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