AudioHammock Podcast #79 - An in Depth look at Radiohead's In Rainbows

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The Album Release

First released on October 10th, 2007, In Rainbows shook the music industry as it was released by Radiohead on a pay what you want model. The move, usually reserved for the relatively obscure bands of the day, opened the flood gates into a discussion of what the future of music distribution would be. Some praised the move as historic while others saw it as a blatant attempt to create buzz by a band who was encroaching on a distribution approach reserved for the less fortunate.

The Album

One element that draws music fans into In Rainbows so much is how melodic and harmonious it is. The whole album, although still just as introspective and existential as previous works, is warm and inviting. Much like OK Computer and Kid A did, In Rainbows expands the band's creative output in a remarkable new way that only a band like Radiohead is capable of. Thematically the album paints a canvas of a lack of progress against one's ambitions with a subtle reminder of death's approach and ticking clock. The album serves as an ultimate reminder of what it is to be human complete with the trappings and failures of the mind in conjunction with relational let downs. The impermanence of the lyrical weight of this combined with the juxtaposition of such lush and melodic tones and music make for arguably one of the most beautiful albums of all time. Today on the podcast Russ, Bryan, and Dylan tackle that topic, as well as the themes, music, and lyrics found on In Rainbows, how it stacks up in the pantheon of Radiohead's discography, track by track analysis, and more.

Episode Timestamps

  • Introduction and impact of the album release on the music industry: Start
  • Where the album lies within the Radiohead Discography: 24:42
  • Why this is Russ' favorite album of all time: 26:48
  • 15 Step: 28:00
  • Bodysnatchers: 32:30
  • Nude: 37:16
  • Weird Fishes/Arpeggi: 44:07
  • All I Need: 54:58
  • Dylan has to bail/early conclusions: 1:05:30
  • Faust Arp: 1:11:44
  • Reckoner: 1:19:23
  • House of Cards: 1:30:06
  • Jigsaw Falling Into Place:< 1:32:58/li>
  • Videotape: 1:40:38
  • Conclusion / Outro: 1:44:38

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