Kodomo - Patterns and Light

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Chris Child, also known as Kodomo, is probably one of the best electronic artists you have never heard of. The fact that you probably have not heard of him is a tragedy given that he has had multiple releases over the past 9 years. Patterns & Light, his second formal record has brought Child into his truest, best form.

What is beautiful about this record is that Child took his time in making it. Those in Brooklyn flea markets and sidewalk sales had an opportunity to get to know him as he looked for classical records to use as a foundation for each track on the record. What came from that is a vast array of ethereal textures derived from Bach, Shubert, Debussy and Chopin that Child simply re-contextualized before adding some more flavor with some incredible synth work.

There are some patterns here that work more than others, but, ultimately, a favorite that pops out almost immediately is “Red Giant.” There are some climbing synth leads happening in the track that are reminiscent of something we would have heard on Daft Punk’s Tron: Legacy soundtrack. That said, if I did not know that it was Child behind the track, I would have thought it was a Daft Punk track initially. After the third listen, I started to realize that would be a smack in the face to Child. This track is better than anything on either of those records while also capturing a little bit of that John Carpenter ‘80s horror film score flavor.

While Kodomo translates to “child” in Japanese, aside from his name, this music is not Child’s play. Chris Child brings IDM to a higher state, riffing off of contemporaries Kwes, Four Tet, and even using his influences such as Vangelis and Orbital to create something truly unique.

Total Score: 9.5

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