Temples - Sun Structures

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When Noel Gallagher says you're the best new band in Britain people take heed. Such is the case with Temples. Formed in 2012 and still in relative infancy, the English psychedelic quartet has kept everyone in anxious anticipation of a full length album release with a trickle of singles such as "Shelter Song," "Colours to Life," and most recently "Mesmerise". Led by James Edward Bagshaw (vocals, lead guitar) and Thomas Edison Warmsley, (bass) Temples is a throwback to sixties psychedelia. The '60s may be long gone but Temples are exuding kaleidoscope esque gems like the best of them.

If you haven't heard any of the aforementioned singles, well, why haven't you? "Shelter Song," is the opening and alluring psychedelic track with dare I say "Norwegian Wood" risque vibes and lyrics. Absolute tonal bliss with a mind-altering music video to boot. "Sun Shelter," the title track permeates with Sam Toms' echoing snare against a repository of eastern influence. The track clocks in at a skosh over 5 minutes and I'm glad that Temples have the aptitude to offer more than short stints on the mind-altering merry go round. As good as Bagshaw's vocals are, it's immensely enjoyable to hear the music speak for itself and tracks like "A Question Isn't Answered," and "Sand Dance" do just that.

A smashing first album that sets the bar for the next ridiculously high.

One could drone on and on about the mild and pleasant soundscapes that flit and fly throughout Sun Structures . I won't waste your time with grandiose descriptions as time reading this is time that should be spent listening to the album. "Truth is a burden" lines out Bagshaw in "A Question Isn't Answered," believe me when I say Sun Structures is anything but.

Total Score: 9.3

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