Treefort 2015 Recap: Advantageous Options

Downtown Boise, already host to a vibrant downtown scene of great music and good food, completely outdoes itself for what is quickly becoming one of the must go to festivals of the year - Treefort. 2015 was no different as literally hundreds of bands came through the area in the festival's main 5 day period. Yet for as much music as Treefort has to offer it diversifies itself with a treasure trove of unique offerings: yoga classes, film workshops, tech talks, performance art, and more. Throw in unique local food vendors and a myriad of surrounding nightclubs, bars, and venues that serve as secondary stages for music and you've got a recipe for brilliance. Here now we present AudioHammock's favorite sights and sounds from the amazing weekend that was.

For more on Treefort, check back shortly for AudioHammock podcast #35. A full episode dedicated to Treefort in all its glory featuring music from Pert Near Sandstone, Grandparents, Desert Noise, Crystal Ghost, Soft White Sixties, and more!

  • April 6th, 2015
  • By Russ Bashaw and Philip Vincent

Built to Spill

A familiar staple at Treefort, Boise rockers Built to Spill were in top form running through all the classics and even introduced a few new tunes from their upcoming release Untethered Moon . The festival, which had been criticized in the past for always packing the band into tight spaces with limited seating did due diligence as they slotted the indie heroes for Friday night in the cool air under a beautiful moon. Like a fine wine, Built to Spill only seems to get better with age.

Decisions, Decisions

With so much to do at Treefort it can be quite daunting. Drop anchor at Alefort for an evening of delicious beverages? Head to The Shredder for some of the Pacific Northwest's best hard rock? Or do you just slink around the food trucks all night stuffing your face with Australian meat and veggie pies courtesy of Aussie Piedaho? While our staff undoubtedly did some of all three over the course of the weekend we came to find out that all avenues ended up at roughly the same destination - a taxi ride home full of high fives.

Where to? (Hint: no wrong answer.)
Treefort Signs

Courtney Barnett


Sacramento dance rockers !!! (pronounced chk chk chk) were the party place to be early Saturday evening as lead singer Nic Offer was unbound with energy that surely came from a pretty sweet pair of retro swim trunks. Hearing "Slyd" live propelled the squid infested crowd into an absolute fever of disco dance.


Lead singer Sierra from Bed
Courtney Barnett

Let's not pretend for a second that we're familiar with every band Treefort brings in. One of the best things is the discovery of that great new band you sticks with you for quite some time. Well if you're like us then you had several of them. Here are a few:


Slow-fi lo-fi indie from Portland. Bed is completely captivating in a lazy afternoon kind of way. Shut your eyes and let Sierra, Alex, and Andrew take you someplace nice.

Pert Near Sandstone

The best bluegrass band we've ever seen. Pengilly's Saloon damn near burnt down to the ground Friday night when these Minnesota boys launched into a energetic cover of "Raleigh and Spencer (ain't no liquor in this town)".Every song on their setlist was a vibrant whisky laced hoedown. Their latest, The Hardest Part of Leaving is worth your hard earned dollars and available from their official website . These ain't your grandparents folk tunes.

Pert Near Sandstone

Soft White Sixties

A rock and roll band with some serious soul. Soft White Sixties are lead by lead singer Octavio Genera's captivating stage presence. With music that mixes flashes of the '60s with modern rock and soul, Soft White Sixties bring the jams with unbridled energy and lyrical compassion. Add alcoholic beverages for multiplicative effects.

Desert Noises

Stopped on our way for food by an energetic young guitarist, Desert Noises soon commanded all of our unwavering attention with a slew of eclectic guitar riffs and solos. This band is unrelenting in their touring schedule so take a peak at their official site and see if they're coming anywhere near you.

The Donkeys

Sand Diego's finest. The Donkeys are a smooth mix of The Doors meets George Harrison. Lofty yes but once you hear these dudes and their meaty instrumentals and superb organ solos you'll be hooked. Ride the Black Wave is their latest and an excellent offering.


Psychedelic garage rock from Portland destined for greatness. Add this to your list of new and noteworthy bands.

Crystal Ghost

Friend of the podcast Crystal Ghost put on one hell of a show at the Rose Room Sunday night for those in attendance. Featuring Bodhicitta beats and experimental disco, Elliot Baker (aka Crystal Ghost) had the floorboards moving in the best way possible. Scope Elliot's latest, "Become Who You Are" courtesy of Music Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Elliot is always a great follow on Twitter also.

TV on the Radio & Rubblebucket

The best for last? These two bands certainly made the argument. Supported by their recent strong album Seeds , TV on the Radio came alive on the main stage Sunday night while a bit later Rubblebucket reminded everyone why their one of the Pacific Northwest's best bands. Haven't heard Rubblebucket? Their 2014 album Survival Sounds needs to be your next purchase.

Legend of the one armed drummer

No, we're not talking about Def Leppard. Viet Cong drummer Mike Wallace was sporting a broken arm yet you could hardly tell as Viet Cong pumped out one of the most energetic sets of the entire weekend. With crowd surfing and guitar solos that left members of the band on the ground, Wallace and Viet Cong will forever be enshrined in my memory as one the finest performances of Treefort 2015.

Treefort 2015 Photo Gallery

Psychic Rites


Double Saxophone




Saturday Jam

Saturday Jam

Saturday Jam

Kidfort Teepee

Squids en route

Boise Wall Art

New AH fans!

New AH fans!

Crystal Ghost Dancers

!!! fans



Who did you see at Treefort? Let us know!

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