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AudioHammock Treefort 2014 Recap

It was a meritorious weekend when many others and myself descended upon Boise for the 3rd annual Treefort Musical Festival. Featuring an impressive lineup with the likes of Run The Jewels, RJD2, The Joy Formidable, The Budos Band, The Cave Singers, and local favorites Built to Spill and The Horse Feathers, Treefort was an excellent start to the 2014 festival season and an event I look forward to returning to.

Below you will find a few choice bands that might not be on your radar that I had the profound experience of seeing and felt the need to share. These and a host of other bands can be heard on AudioHammock Podcast #19 which is entirely dedicated to the annual Boise event.

  • April 2nd, 2014
  • By Russ Bashaw

The Magic Beans

The Magic Beans are an amalgamation of electronic rock fusion and stoner space rock. Based out of Colorado, these guys love to jam and it's easy to see why when you realize how talented they are. They have two new albums that have just been released via Bandcamp and I cannot recommend either of them enough. Fans of electronic jam bands like Lotus and The Disco Biscuits will want to check them out immediately.

Boasting impressive tracks and jam sessions often over 10 minutes long, The Magic Beans will put you in the mood to groove. I had the pleasure of seeing them in the basement of Tom Grainey's, a dilapidated stage with a low hanging ceiling with wires protruding from above and remnants of construction here and there. You had the feeling you might step on a rusty nail but you didn't care, the music was that good.


The Magic Beans

Below is the track "Space Cadet" from their album Sounds . Hit play, sit back and relax, then let The Magic Beans take you someplace nice.


You want a first world problem? How about trying to see Polecat, one of the best bluegrass americana jam bands at Treefort Festival upstairs at Tom Grainey's while The Magic Beans play in the basement below. The mad dash between bands, ordering drinks, and using the restroom was in full effect. Thankfully I was able to catch the latter half of the Polecat set and was sure glad I did. Polecat plays bluegrass with bite, not afraid to jam or delve into deep instrumentals with guitarist Jeremy Elliott leading the charge, sometimes even on mandolin.

Below is the song "Pages" off their most recent release Fathoms from their set in Bellingham for the Fathoms release party. Lead vocalist Aaron Guest was kind enough to gift me a copy of Fathoms after their stellar set at Treefort and it's been a staple in my cd player ever since. Preview it via cdbaby today and make sure you check out "Steeplechase," "Skankles," "Stratego," and "Long Gone".


Don't let the band name confuse you, Hobosexual is the duo of Ben Hardwood (vocals, guitar,), and Jeff Silva (drums). These two Seattleites are putting out some ridiculously good hard rock and the world needs to take notice.

Pick up their latest album Hobosexual II today via Bandcamp. You can thank me later.

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